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Monday, May 11, 2009

Courtship memories

Ours was a sweet and exciting courtship--at least in my memory. Barbara will remember different things, of course, and may have a slightly different opinion. She would, no doubt, bring up the time I was an hour and a half late in picking her up for a date. I guess I should have called and told her that there was no hurry, but we didn't have cell phones in those days. Anyway, there must be some occasions of testing the devotion of your honey bunch.

Then there was the time we came home at a reasonable hour only to find a family of skunks occupying the front yard of Barbara's grandmother's house. When we were courting, Barbara lived with her grandparents in Highland Park, taking care of them in their old age. Well I lived in Eagle Rock, just over the hill from Highland Park. Rather convenient. So here we were faced with a momma skunk and her babies rooting around in the front yard for bugs and worms. We learned that this rodent family lived under her grandmother's house, and being nocturnal in nature, were acting quite naturally. The big question was how should we act? Might we calmly stroll by them down the driveway to the rear entrance of the house? Should we make some noise in hope of frightening them into leaving the yard? Should we just nap in the car until morning? None of the alternatives seemed that attractive to either of us. We spent an extended period of time observing the behavior of these curious beasts, but somehow the romance had dicipated from this particular date.

As I recall it was the first alternative that was chosen, and I am happy to report that it was successful.

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  1. You once picked her up an hour and a half late?! I bet by the time you got there, she'd figured you weren't going to show up.