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Monday, August 2, 2010

Stupid Dodgers

They may have moved from Brooklyn, but they are still "Dem Bums"! They are now inventing new ways to lose every day or two. When the hitters are raising their statistics, the pitching throws batting practice to the opposition. But when the pitchers mow 'em down, the offense becomes little league. Someone needs to tell them that they can't win if they don't score any runs. Do you think they might know that? When Honeycutt, the pitching coach comes to the mound to talk to the generous starter who may have just walked two in a row, I'm sure I have read his lips, "Throw strikes!" Okay, so I can't read lips, but what else is there to say?

Don't you hate it when your wife spouts off about baseball even though she has never played the game? Well it's twice as bad when she is right! The first day following the All star Game break, the Dodgers lost. Barbara said, "Here we go again. They always fall apart after the All star Game." I said, "C'mon, Barbara. It's not fair to say that after just one game." But she was right. I hate when that happens. Tonight the Dodgers had 7 hits before the fourth inning. The Padres only had one hit. That's more like it. The only problem is that there were no runs scored. When San Diego got a couple of hits, they followed with a three run home run. I got disgusted and changed the channel. After viewing a cute crime drama, I went back to the game only to find the Dodgers losing 10 to 2. I think I should give up on the Dodgers and start following the Cubs. Okay, it's only a game. Right?


  1. There are times in baseball when you don't want to read lips, particularly after home runs or controversial calls.