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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fishing one more time

Bobby had never been fishing before, and I suspect he has never been fishing since. But on one given day, Bobby enjoyed a pinnacle experience of fishing when we were yet living in Modesto. We never talk about fishing, and he has never relayed any stories of taking his kids fishing, so I am concluding that he doesn't go fishing. Of course only fanatics tell everyone about their fishing experiences (oops! Am I painting myself as a fanatic? I may be a fanatic, but not really about fishing).

One day during our time in Modesto, Brad took Bobby fishing with him to Don Pedro reservoir. Maybe it was another location, but it doesn't matter for the purpose of my story. Brad was a great friend for my children, and he was very generous spirited. He took Bobby trolling in a rented or borrowed boat. As an experienced fisherman, Brad explained how to catch bass in this lake, and he even loaned Bobby a rod and reel from his own stock. They spent much of the day out on the lake, and we were glad that he was having a good time in the company of a young man we admired very much. We knew that Brad would be a good influence because he is a sincere Christian young man. What we hadn't anticipated was that Bobby would be a source of testing for Brad's sanctification. When the day was ended and the boys returned to Modesto, Bobby had landed a record bass and Brad was empty handed.

Brad did quite a bit of muttering, but his integrity and good humor gained the best of him, and he feigned angry complaint against providential blessing that fell on Bobby and passed him by.

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