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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It IS Spring!

Some cool weather has crept up on us today--and even some drizzle.  But it is, nevertheless, definitely spring.  I read in a gardening book a long time ago that in cool weather tomatoes sulk.  Well they may be in sulk mode today, but they have already experienced several warm days of spring, and are showing the results.  I planted two tomato plants in the "fertile ring" in which the zucchini overwhelmed me last year.  It is a raised, circular planter in the middle of my cement patio.  And the ideal soil that last year gave life to these prolific gourds, now seems dedicated to supplying a plethora of tomatoes this year.  All I added to the soil was a heap of steer manure, and the plants seem to be very grateful for that.

We replaced the watermelon with another watermelon.  Only this year we put out the killer snail bait early enough to support this now spreading vine.  Yum, yum. 

Another six pack of zucchini got planted.  That quantity seems to be the smallest available at our nursery.  This time I planted them in various places in both the back and front yards.  At least three of them are sporting yellow blossoms (and they tell me the blossoms are delicious when dipped and deep fried).

My lettuce didn't do that well.  I show a photo of the head of leaf lettuce that looks great, and tasted fine as an accoutrement on my last salmon patty sandwich.  But when I planted early seeds, we made the tactical error of planting just before we left for a few days.  Those days proved to be rather hot, and the soil baked the seeds to death.  Then the heads I purchased got a little scorched, one went to seed, and I gleaned a little from what was left.

The long and the short of it is that I see salad growing before my eyes.  Oh yes, there are the three peppers.  One is a giant bell pepper.  One is an Anaheim chili and the third is a jalapeno.

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