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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Resurrection evidence

We have a natural prejudice against testimony of the resurrection.  We know that the brain begins to break down and decay in a matter of mere minutes after blood flow ceases.  We just know that nobody can die and then come alive three days later.  So if we hear testimony to that effect we tend to discount it or look for another explanation.  But if Jesus is truly God and man in one unique person, the data makes perfectly good sense.  When the bible reader gets to know Jesus Christ, then the end of the gospel account seems to require the resurrection.  Even though it was a shock to the disciples, it makes perfectly good sense.  As Peter later said, it was not possible for Him to be held by death.

Now consider the documentary evidence with me.  We have literally thousands of copies of the New Testament documents.  It has better manuscript evidence than Homer or even Shakespeare.  Even the negative critics agree that the document called "First Corinthians" was written by the apostle Paul somewhere in the mid 50s AD.  Jesus' crucifixion is determined to be 33 AD.  Less than 25 years after the resurrection, Paul is saying in this book, that on one occasion the resurrected Christ appeared to a crowd of more than 500 people, most of whom were alive as he wrote.  Twenty five years is just not enough time for the allegation that over a period of time the myth of resurrection developed.

There was no body to expose (and there still isn't), and there were at least 251 witnesses prepared to take the stand and testify.  Honest scholarship at the very least must say that Paul, and the others, were convinced of the resurrection.  Even if you are not convinced, you must acknowledge that they were.  Now integrity of investigation requires that you satisfy yourself with the answer to the question, "Why were they convinced of such a fantastic event?"

I can only point you to the documents and ask you to read the testimony yourself.  Read the New Testament.  It will become evident to you that these were not the words of men who were foolish, demented or hoax-mongers.  God will begin to show himself to you as you read.  Try it and see.

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