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Monday, June 25, 2012

I like leeks and garlic

Those stupid Israelites!  God had delivered them from slavery in Egypt with spectacular miracles.  He began feeding them with miracle food that fell from heaven like frost.  This huge camp of desert travelers were given drink from a rock--a rock, no less!  Why would anyone complain, after seeing all of that?  But complain they did.  Shame on them.  Their curse was to wander in that wilderness for 40 years until all that complaining generation died off.

But shockingly, the next generation began to complain about some of the same things.  How is that possible.  But then I began to imagine myself in that second generation.  Some had been born in the desert.  They had not known the taste of anything besides manna.  They had it morning, noon and night.  Picture dad returning from herding all day.  He asks, "What's for dinner?"  "Manna"  "Had it for lunch!"

Seriously, manna--miracle food directly from God--was routine for them.  It was no more a miracle than the rising of the sun is considered by us to be miraculous.  The plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea were just stories from the past.  "What have you done for me lately?"  This while God's cloud overshadowed them and provided shade to prevent sun stroke etc.  Shame on them.  They are so short sighted and self-centered.

Woe, wait a minute!  When I point my finger at them, there are three fingers pointing back to me.  Am I thinking, "Nothing exciting ever seems to happen at church."?  We heard a very good sermon last Sunday, but we heard a good one the week before too.  It may be sweet like honey and tasty as coriander, but it is routine.  Shame on me!  This is God's miracle food for me.  When pastor opens the Bible and preaches the truth from this book, something IS happening that is supernatural.  I don't feel it, and it may take a while before anyone sees it, but the Spirit of God is showing me the glory of the Lord, and He is transforming me into that same image, little by little.  (II Cor. 3:18)

If you can't remember what your pastor preached a month ago, it still is miracle food.  Can you remember what your wife cooked for dinner a month ago?  But it was nourishing and kept you alive.  The great tempter wants you to dis worship and find other things to take priority over church.  But your soul will shrivel if you fall for that lie.


  1. Good point, Rollie. I hadn't thought about the fact that the 2nd generation Israelites in the desert would have taken manna for granted because it's all they knew. Like you say, we take so much for granted for the same reason. The miraculous way our bodies heal, the miracle of the hunger for God that drives us to him, and in this country, our ability to worship without fear of death. All kinds of good things. Thanks for the thoughts.