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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My wife is a long time Avon representative. She used to score very high in her district without making a major effort. When she was President's Club or better I used to get invited to join her at the annual dinner. But many things are slowing down in our lives, and Avon seems to be one of those things. But she still sells a respectable volume, and she went to the dinner last night. Imagine my surprise when she called on the cell, "I'm going to be a little late tonight. I won the grand prize, and we have to try to get it into the car." Me: silence. Barbara: "I can't hear you, there's just too much noise here. I'll see you a little later. Bye." When we were on our great Alaskan cruise a few years ago, she won the drawing for the hand made ring that was featured. And before that she won a drawing she knew nothing about when Avon decided to award a new computer to about three reps in the whole of Western USA, including Hawaii. Our friend, Evelyn Byer told me, "You know I believe in God's providence. But Barbara is just lucky." Susan (Lee) Tierney says that I ought to take her to Las Vegas and make a fortune. I don't think we will do that. But I will enjoy cooking burgers over this new Webber gas grill she brought home last night. I too believe in providence, but the Bible uses the concept of being "lucky" in a sly expression. Look up Ruth 2:3. It is really telling us that Ruth "lucked out" when she gleaned in the field of Boaz.

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