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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dentist again

Trying to be a hero I took the first available appointment. Why not get it over with? You may have read that I had to go to a referral dentist because the first one did not take my insurance plan for root canal work. Well my first pain was getting up at 6 so I could make my 7:30 appointment.

No, I didn't get the gorgeous Dr. with the mesmerizing grey eyes. But he seems to be competent (in dentistry, competency is always to be preferred to beauty). Because of my hip replacement and my heart attack they must first pump me full of amoxacillin. Next is a thousand needles of zylocane. Now that my lip is very fat, or non-existent for all I can tell, it is time for that high pitched drill. As he tears into my tooth with a vengeance, I can smell the aroma of singed enamel dust. Anyone who has been to the dentist recently knows that smell. Just when I think the pain should send me through the ceiling, I realize that I can't feel a thing. The thousand needle zylocane accomplished its mission.

I finally climb from the chair and stagger to the receptionist counter to schedule the next assault on my mouth. Here comes the doctor and says, "We just had a cancellation and I can take you now, if you want." "You mean right now?" "Yes." I'm still in the hero mood, and so now I have been violated on both sides of my mouth.

In the car I have a bottle of water which I can't feel touching my anesthetized lips. That was yesterday. Today I may truthfully say, "It only hurts when I chew." Actually, I have found a way to chew without any pain, but I slip once in a while.

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