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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lake Arrowhead memories

We won a weekend at Arrowhead from a radio show. I think we were listening to the radio morning talk show on KABC in those days. The hosts were Ken Minyard and Roger Barkley. We liked Roger better because he was more of a gentleman and he was more conservative. Barbara called in to answer three questions (don't ask me to remember the questions) and she succeeded to get the phone call through, and to answer the questions correctly. She won!

We enjoyed a beautiful cabin with a clear view of the lake. Others in the units near us seemed to be the rich and famous who obviously took things in stride, while we were wide eyed in wonder at the luxurious surroundings. Our old car had to stop to cool down during our ascent, and we wondered if we would make it. I tell you these details so that you may understand the references I made in the following lines of dogerel composed on the occassion.

Arrowhead Resort – 1996

There stands a handsome Cadillac
In someone else’s drive
Our faded and decrepit hack
Barely did arrive.

Among the rich and famous ones,
A place that’s not our style,
Kicked back and sat upon our buns
Adjusted with a smile.

The view was just spectacular
We saw across the lake.
And tourist shops were not too far
A walk we had to take.

Pines whisper and willows quiver
In brisk refreshing breeze
A beauty that makes me shiver.
O’r sky and lake and trees.

Rich people come here all the time
They see what we have seen
The evidence of God is prime
In beauty blue and green

But do they stop to worship Him
Whose handiwork is there?
More wealthy than those rich and grim
God made me be aware.

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