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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Camp

What a great Family Camp we had this week! Everyone gave it rave notices. No major gripes or conflicts. The theme was "love" and the text was I Corinthians 13. Professor Alan Strange from Mid Atlantic Reformed Seminary, exhorted us powerfully from the text. No I'm not going to play games with his name, mainly because I can't come up with anything clever and original. We have really worn out the "Strange man from MARS" quip, and Alan has heard that so often it might cause regurgitation to lay that on him one more time.

The great sporting event of the week is, and always has been, horseshoes. As Alan Pontier, the camp "Voice" describes the winner's trophy, it is the Coveted Golden Horseshoe. Due to a death in the extended family of Mark Schroeder, Troy Manning was asked to fill in as Athletic Director for the week. He dubbed himself as the "shorter Schroeder". At the award ceremony he unfortunately called it
the "stuffed yellow toilet seat". He mused about a parallel to the brazen serpent in Israel's wilderness wanderings. As the serpent was held high to cure the snakebite of the Israelites, so the trophy may be lifted up to cure constipation. Last I heard Troy is keeping his day job even though many were urging him to apply to comic central.

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