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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calvin!

You're looking good for 500. I'm sure to be forgotten in a few years after my perpetual vault is sealed with my earthly remains. My grand kids will remember their silly papa, but my lasting influence will be nothing like that of George whatsisname in "It's a Wonderful Life". But you, John, even though you asked for an unmarked grave, you have a bunch of groupies like no rock star ever thought of having. Even my western culture that is throwing away it's Christian memory as rapidly as possible, has reluctantly demonstrated your lingering influence in it's history. We have taken the principle of the separation of church and state and turned it against the church, when you used it to protect the church. We have labeled a hard working man of integrity with the Calvinistic work ethic. It would be a shame if future generations were to follow a Keller work ethic. It would not bear the weight of scrutiny for integrity.

Dear John Calvin, you have taught me that God is really God. He really is in control, and He really is good. His holiness deserves my best praise. My miserable efforts at doing good or pleasing God's perfect evaluation only cry out for my everlasting condemnation. On my best day my motives are mixed and the results are shallow. That God is so loving that He upholds me with sovereign grace is my only hope--and it is a living hope.

When I read your theology it jumps off the page with living relevance. Other theology works, cogent and helpful as they may be, just do not ring with the pulsing vitality that I find in the "Institutes". Thanks, John. I will see you in glory.

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