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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Of the Writing of Blogs

To paraphrase the Teacher, "Of the writing of blogs there is no end." Actually the word he used was "books", but I feel licensed by twenty-first century technology to make the more modern paraphrase. Everyone seems to be writing a blog these days, even my 12 year old grandson. I was emboldened by my daughter-in-law and her exceptionally clever writing to try blogging myself. I have always enjoyed creative writing, and thought I would give it my best shot. After all I am an old enough codger to have a large backlog of experience from which to draw. But there is a law of diminishing returns to that proposition. You see, although I may have a plethora of rich experience from which to draw, I can't remember them. Age brings with it experience, and at least some of that experience has taught me a little wisdom. But I'm not sure I have taken enough zinc to retrieve all that good stuff. That's why it is so scary to realize my friends at Presbytery call me a "father" in the church, and expect the requisite wisdom to flow from my shriveling brain. I don't know how he does it, but Andy Rooney always has an entertaining last word on "60 Minutes". I know he does it on TV, but what he does is the same as a blog, except it is audio-visual instead of in print. The old curmudgeon is interesting, even when I disagree with his perspective. He just keeps blogging on. I hope I might do something like that with this obscure column. In fact I have just completed a blog which says absolutely nothing, and yet (I hope) you found to be mildly entertaining.

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