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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Cold

I have a cold. When I have a cold I get grouchy. The compassionate thing for you to do is to pray for my wife. The last time I had a cold was last November. Within a day it became pneumonia, and I never felt so devastated so quickly. Now I find I am frightened that this stupid cold may turn to pneumonia too. They tell me that once you have had pneumonia it is very easy to contract it again. So I think I have a decent excuse to be grouchy this time.

Okay, I'm ready to die, but I'd really rather check out quickly (say a massive heart attach or stroke). It's time to think this through. On the one hand, I am a filthy sinner and deserve to die a slow agonizing death. On the other hand God is in charge and I am His servant. In His infinite wisdom He will do with me as pleases Him. Still on the other hand (hmm...three hands?) God is gracious and He loves me. So shame on me for fussing about it in the first place.

I caught this cold last Thursday night. I remember it clearly. I was visiting my granddaughter and her husband when my great granddaughter, three year old Lilly, climbed up on Papa'a lap and planted a kiss right on my lips. She had a runny nose as she was finishing up a cold herself. I love that little tyke so much that I don't even mind catching cold like that. Someone needs to tell that story at my funeral.

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