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Friday, September 11, 2009

One of those days

Some days the dominoes keep falling and knocking down other dominoes. Barbara's day was something like that. She is in the middle of a series of medical tests, and for the one on Monday, she is forbidden aspirin (or any other analgesic) until after that test. So her arm is just a little more painful (not to mention assorted joints of a type "A" personality). Feeling just a little grumpy, and trying to accomplish several errands, she finally made her final stop at the grocery store. She piled the bags into the car, tossed the keys on the car seat, and walked around to the driver's door to get in. Well it seems we have some advanced anti-theft device that automatically locked the doors before she got to the other side of the car. One thing that annoys her to no end is being bested by inanimate objects. She owns the car, not the other way around.

We have triple A service, but her card was in the wallet in the purse in the car. Of course she called her husband, disturbing his cartoon (Ratatouille). So he called triple A, and she waited by the car for 30 minutes. The car was quickly opened, and she resumed her drive home.

Such perseverance under fire deserves a reward, so we tried an "upscale" restaurant for which we had a coupon in our "Entertainment" book. Have you ever experienced a fondue restaurant? This one is called, "The Melting Pot". Even though we have driven by it dozens of times, we have never noticed it before. It is "hidden in plain sight". It is located among banks and other fancy offices, built as a sort of glass rotunda with tinted panels and a sign that appeared clearly enough, but might easily be mistaken for a sophisticated financial institution of some sort.

Our first hint that this establishment might be rather upscale was the fact that the coupons in our book were for $16 off the price of a feast for two. Hey, nobody takes $16 off the price of a hamburger and fries. This was a four course meal that was fun, delicious and fascinating. The first course consisted of an exotic cheese dip with bread pieces, summer sausages, apple slices and cauliflower.

The second course was a large garden salad with sun-dried tomatoes, baby salad greens, and assorted stuff. It would be enough of a meal for anyone.

The third course was the entree. Our choice was bits of fillet minion, sauerbraten, chicken, bratwurst, shrimp, raviolis, veggies and sauces. Each was to be skewered on a fondue fork and immersed in a special broth (ours was spices and citrus Caribbean style).

Finally the dessert course was a chocolate pond with various sweets to dip, including strawberries, marshmallows, banana slices etc. Since I am not a fan of chocolate, they catered to me with a side bowl of white chocolate.

Yes, the word "decadence" did come to mind.

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