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Friday, September 18, 2009

Waiting for biopsy report

My wife has this spot in the middle of her back that was always itchy. She would ask me to scratch her back for her, and when I evoked those "Oh"s and "Ahh"s it was invariably after I found that same spot and scratched several strokes. "I wonder what causes that?" she would sometimes ask. Not willing to allow the question to remain rhetorical, I would often quip, "Cancer, beyond a shadow of a doubt!"

Well it turns out that that is the same spot where a recent scan revealed a "mass" near the backbone that called for a biopsy. Now my lame attempts at humor seem a bit prophetic. If you know my wife, you know she is not prone to emotional frenzy. She can't wait for the results of the biopsy because she expects it to be malignant, and she is interested in getting that thing removed with dispatch. Barbara can imagine the scenario where the doctor calls you into her office and diplomatically prepares you for the news. She considers all that verbiage as wasting time which could be profitably spend planning a strategy to rid her body of this invader.

During family crises of the past I have enjoyed having a partner who is very level headed and intelligent to help meet challenges. She will be no different this time. I hope I can be as stand-up and helpful as she has been in the past.

The interesting wrinkle about this discovery is that it was "accidental". Barbara's hematologist is trying to find the reason for her anemia, and thinking the spleen was enlarged, ordered a CT scan of her body. Although nothing was found to help in the initial search (something to help solve the mystery of her anemia) the scan revealed this "mass" for which there have been no symptoms. It is difficult for a Christian not to recognize the blessing of providence in this.

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