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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diet: week 9

By some remote possibility there may be one or two readers who remember when I first started with Optifast, Kaiser's industrial strength weight loss program. I was disappointed my first week because I had only lost 5 pounds while everyone else in the class lost more. Then I became reconciled to the idea of losing 5 pounds a week, which, over the long haul of the 20 week diet, would net me an even 100 pound loss.

I prepared myself for the predicted slow down of weight loss as the body adjusted and I came nearer my goal. But I was not adequately prepared for last night when I gained 2 pounds over last week! Where did that come from? I have kept to the program (pardon the expression) religiously. I have eaten all my shakes. I have consumed all my water. I have even increased my exercise, and I get paid by gaining two more pounds.

I don't know what to do. I may have begun to think of this program as something "magical" which would guarantee me the results I want, but I know that God has made a complicated organism when he made the human body. It's a fallen world and so everything does not work quite right.

Maybe my Father in heaven saw pride beginning to grow in my heart. "Look at this reformed fatso as he loses tons of weight." The only thing I hear myself telling me is, "This is a whole lot better than anything else you have tried, so keep on keeping on."

Not terribly profound, but that is where I am just now.

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  1. You can do it! If you need a cheering section, give me a call! Or even Chloe-- she likes to say "Way to go" to people when they are doing things.