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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New phone

We got new Droid phones so I thought I should try posting from my phone. My wife, of course got the fancy one and I got the Jr. grade freeby called the Eris. And by the way, I have switched to my computer keyboard to complete this post. I don't know how the kids do so much texting with that little keyboard on the phone, but I keep hitting the wrong letter with my large fingers. No wonder they care nothing about proper spelling. Besides, texting shorthand is quickly becoming a subculture language, and I, for one, am not fluent. Barbara enjoys the deep computer voice that slowly says, "Droid" when she turns on her phone. I was making all kinds of negative comments about getting new phones when the old ones worked quite well. Now I find myself playing with all the "apps" that I can download for free. One of them has a choice of several city skylines, and it is called "New Years fireworks". When I touch the screen, a skyrocket goes up and explodes in several colors right on the spot that I touched. Multiple touches, of course, reap mulitple skyrockets.

I have downloaded an app that helps me keep track of my glucose monitoring. What fun it is to get a look at Facebook with literally one touch. Then there is USA Today to get the headlines, or anything else they offer. The Weather Chanel has an app, and I have it set to give me, simultaneously, the temp and weather in LA, Cordova TN, Chattanooga, Wilsonville OR and San Francisco. At one glance I know how cold all my kids are at that moment. But there is so much more the phone will do that I do not, as yet, know how to work. They offer a class for this, and I guess Barbara and I will take it when we can.

Barbara's ring is a predictable (but beautiful) Mozart. Mine is a reving Farrari.

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