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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So cute

Our great granddaughter, Lillianna, visited us today. She likes to play a game on our computer that engages the player to "bake" cakes according to the order placed by the customers. On a conveyor belt the player moves the cake from station to station to fill the order as it is pictured in the corner of the screen. She doesn't fully get the concept.

She likes to make the cake the way SHE wants it instead of according to the order. When the conveyor belt reaches the final position, it is boxed and shipped and the chief baker comes out and commends you for doing it correctly. However, when you do not make the cake according to directions, the baker comes out and bawls out the player for making the cake incorrectly. He says "You did not make the cake correctly! The customer is very particular about his order. You will have to make another according to directions." Or words nearly identical to this.

Today, I read those words in angry character. Lilly said, "Papa, Papa." Then she patted my face and said, "Calm down, Papa."

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