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Friday, May 14, 2010

4 A.D.

It's almost four weeks since I finished my Optifast diet. I want to tell you that food is delicious! It's even harder than I thought to stick to my weight control principles, and I already knew it was going to be difficult. At my last post about dieting I mentioned that I had officially lost 68 pounds. I have now lost a total of 72 pounds. Only 4 pounds in those four weeks, but it was a loss nevertheless.

Today we were acting as surrogate grandparents for one of our precious little friends, Payton Kooi. We attended a school skit in which he played the big, bad wolf. Since we were at that end of town (Cerritos), and since we had gift cards for Carrows Restaurant we needed to use, we stopped at the local eatery. Looking at a menu is an appealing temptation. It's like an alcoholic, sitting at a bar, thinking he will just order a coke.

Before I could retract it, I had ordered an 8 ounce blackened prime rib, medium rare. But I only ate half of it. I ordered baked potato, but remembered a tip from my sweet daughter-in-law, and ordered some Grey Poupon as the only accompaniment. Not bad--really. I know that sour cream and butter adds tons of fat calories. Oh yeah, I only ate half of the potato. I also ordered broccoli. They cooked it just right and it was good (and disgustingly healthy). The meal came with a large slice of cornbread. I only ate half of the cornbread, and even that was too much, but it was delicious. So we both brought leftover boxes home (we have no doggie, so let's call it by the correct name).

I know, I know, I've been rambling on and on about the minute details of dinner, but something psychological happens to a guy that has just finished a 20 week liquid diet. I think about food far more than I should. But I am still losing. To reach my goal at this rate will take another 17 weeks, and I'm still determined. It's just that I am discovering for the first time again just how luscious food can be!

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