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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Fun

What is the most unusual Mother's Day present you have received? Was it an all expense paid fishing trip for two? Was it a new power drill? What do you give to the mother who has everything? Perhaps an ermine covered cork for the hole in her head. Well, I gave her roses. Not very original, right? But these roses were still attached to a bush in a pot. It wasn't dead, and sometime next week it will be in the ground in front of the house. Not as transparently self-centered as the drill, but we will both enjoy the future roses no doubt.

This year on Mother's Day Eve our eldest, Phil, ordered a troubadour in a tuxedo to deliver a singing telegram, wishing his mother a happy day. He tried to crack jokes, but thereby proved why he was not in legitimate show business. Okay, he was smile-provoking at least. "If I'm successful here, I get a gig in a crawlspace across town." (Apparently a veiled reference to our cramped and messy house during the renovation.) He was charming, corny and actually not that bad a singer. I surmise that he was told that Barbara preferred classical music, so he sang "Roll Over, Beethoven" (the closest he could come to classical in his repertoire). Before leaving he presented Barbara with a pink teddy bear.

Have you had a more unusual present for Mother's Day?

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  1. Ehhh, I should have ordered the Sinatra impersonator.