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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home Improvement

Two electricians were yelling to each other from the attic crawlspace to our new extension section. Others were nailing shingles on the roof over our heads. Between the yelling and the banging, I just said, "Barbara, I've got to get out of here. Can't you think of some errands we can run?" We spent the rest of the afternoon going to the bank and shopping. This time I didn't mind shopping at all. Why should I? I got three new shirts and a pair of dress pants. Losing 70 pounds makes this necessary. My new pants are 10 inches less in the waist. I had been feeling like the cartoon character who lost everything gambling, and in the last panel we see him walking away wearing only a barrel with suspenders.

They installed a special extension cord for Barbara to use her new washing machine. The outlet behind the machine is not connected because the wall is in the process of being reconstructed. We cannot play our new Bose radio and CD player, because that outlet seems to be on that same circuit. I heard the electrician speculate to his co-worker that the position of our new air conditioner may be disallowed by the local code. I'm hoping the air conditioner man knows more about the code than the electrician. The inspection is yet to come.

We have a wonderful new builder working for Cal West. He has everything going ahead of schedule because he is always ready for inspections at each stage. But he had to leave for home in El Salvador because his mother just passed away. This is the first delay we have seen, and we have been promised that Manuel will return on Tuesday. We will see.

So even though I have lost a lot of weight, I now have much less space to move my torso through all the stuff that has been forced to crowd our shrinking living space. No big deal! There are too many people who have no home at all. Our nice home is simply becoming nicer (and larger) than it was when we bought it. It is a blessing that is simply a trifle bit delayed. God is so good to us.

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