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Monday, June 7, 2010

Jack and the Zucchini

I remember my mother reading the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" to me. I found it fascinating. Poor Jack was hoodwinked by a slick dude in the market place. He sold the family cow for a mere handful of purportedly "magic" beans. After Jack confessed to his mother and apologized for his boyish stupidity, he thought he might as well plant the beans. The wonderful surprise was that the beans grew into a giant beanstalk overnight! You remember.

Well in my case it was the magic zucchini plants. I had to buy them in a six pack, even though I didn't think I needed that many. But of course there was nothing else to do but to plant them. Now you must realize that I am basically a city boy. We live in a heavily populated suburb and the property does not have open ground for a large garden. So I planted them all in a brick circle in the middle of a cement patio. This circle must be about 3 feet in diameter. The plants are predictably going crazy. I've grown zucchini before, so I am well aware of how they can get away from me and become gourds. So I check them out every single day. Okay, maybe I skip the sabbath.

Enough said. These seemed to grow overnight. In point of fact it was more like 48 hours. I must have missed them during my inspection last Saturday. There are some smaller ones that are about right for cooking, but when I saw these two giants, I left the others to grow one more day. These veggies are big enough for stuffed zucchini which I am planning to prepare tonight. But I had better harvest the others tomorrow before they start coming after me. This is so fun!

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