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Friday, June 11, 2010

Majestic Trees

My blog about the Grand Canyon reminded me of another experience on vacation that inspired my poetic heart several years ago. I have written a few poems following great impressions of God's wonderful creation that have struck me while on vacation. One that was actually published (in our denominational magazine, "New Horizons" is also one of my favorites. We vacationed in Sequoia National Park several times in the past. We have now graduated into the category where our favorite "camping" experiences are done in vacation resorts that are owned by our vacation club, Diamond Resorts. When we went to Sequoia it was still at the point in our lives when we threw our 2 inch foam on the floor of a pup tent and cooked over the wood-burning camp fire pit. Barbara tolerated the experience for my sake, and I loved it because my parents used to take me camping in the high Sierras almost every year for several years in a row. Now, when either of us gets down on our hands and knees, it becomes a major project just to stand erect. At our age it is routine to arise once or twice during the night to use the restroom. Neither of us can even imagine trying to do that in the freezing temperatures at 2 in the morning, while bears are scouring the grounds for carelessly concealed food. The scenario is ludicrous to play in the imagination.

But the trees! They still spin their mystic influence on me. So here is the thought provoked by these old camping experiences.

The breath of God is whispering to me
Where it comes and goes I do not know
But I hear His “Peace” through needles of a tree
Messages from nature’s daily flow

His sentinels wait patiently each year
To remind me of their Maker’s might
Demanding that I lift my voice in cheer
And praise Him for the eloquence of sight

They hurry not nor fret the winter’s snow
Against my stress, displaying mute disdain
The glory of God in dignity they show
My world hurries by, but they consistently remain.

“I was here a thousand years” they mime
“When God the Son took pity on your race.
My rings of age play havoc with your time
“And testify how recent came His grace.”


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