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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sending Steve

Steve and Linda Larson are our newest missionaries. We are sending them to Uruguay to join the Faulks in the happy task of proclaiming among the gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. Actually the reason we have anybody in Uruguay in the first place is because a Presbyterian minister there had responded to Steve's website for reformed literature in the Spanish language. Steve has been getting hits from many different countries (including Cuba), and strangely many of them are adopting the name "Orthodox Presbyterian" for their churches, even though Steve has warned them that this action does not create any official connection with our denomination.

So, after sending representatives to meet the church in question, our denominational Committee on Foreign Missions decided to send the Faulks to Uruguay where they are just getting their feet wet during their first term on the field. Since our mission policy is to place at least two families on the field in any chosen location (a very good policy when you think about it), inquiries were made for any volunteers to supplement our staff on the field in Uruguay. Eventually the finger pointed to the Larsons, and after the Committee issued a call and the Presbytery of Southern California approved it, Steve was issued the call, and the session of the Westminster OPC arranged for the installation service which took place this evening.

Here we see Moderator of Presbytery, Zach Keele, administering the constitutional questions to missionary, Steve Larson.

Pastor Mike Passarilla of our Costa Mesa congregation preached the sermon. Regional Home Missionary, David Crum, gave the charge to the missionary. Mark Bube, General Secretary of our denomination's Committee on Foreign Missions was on hand to lead in prayer, and Pastor Donald Bucanan, of Calvary Church, La Mirada, delivered a charge to the congregation, or rather, the regional church. All this good stuff took only an hour and a half. Each message was meaty, scriptural and thought provoking. I always enjoy it when my colleagues open the Scripture for me. So called miracles and tongues leave me cold. My heart is warmed by the faithful proclamation, explanation and application of the Bible. Please deliver me from affected drama or stand-up comic type preachers. I don't want to hear a heady lecture or a folksy chain of cute stories. Just tell me what the Bible says. And God was honored by what I heard tonight. Praise the Lord!

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