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Monday, February 1, 2010

More diet thoughts

I haven't gone to weigh in yet. My class meets tonight and I will step on the official scale at that time. But I'm telling you something, if I haven't lost any weight this week I may become clinically depressed!

Yesterday, for example, we had a fellowship lunch after church. Everyone brought their favorite dishes. There were sausages, meat balls, spaghetti with mushrooms and cream sauce. Great looking salads, fruit, casseroles, bread and desserts made the table groan. They also made my taste buds groan. I sat there sipping my strawberry shake, smelling that wonderful food that I saw everyone else devouring. I even invented a dish using up two packages of old chicken thighs we found in the old chest freezer we cleaned out. I put enchilada sauce with sour cream and diced Anaheim chilies together with a ton of cheddar cheese and baked it with the chicken meat. I licked my finger and it was good! My wife couldn't stop raving about it. We brought it to the fellowship lunch and let everyone else eat it. Before I make you weep in sympathy, you need to know I don't mind this scenario (I have repeated it several times by now) as long as I lose weight! When I step on that official scale I want to see dramatic, measurable losses. That is my incentive reward. My sights are narrowed, my resolve is ironclad--as long as it works!

The week before this one I attended at least three occasions where I was tortured with a milieu of gastronomic ecstasy while I stuck to my chemistry shakes. There was the 30th anniversary banquet of Westminster Seminary, and there was the appreciation dinner presented by the Vietnamese Resurrection Chapel in Westminster. Also we were at a great restaurant with the family, celebrating our grandson-in-law's birthday. Everyone ordered luscious goodies while I ordered a bowl of hot water in which to stir my powdered soup.

After GAINING two pounds last week I need to see some shrinking numbers tonight. Okay enough whining for now. I'm sure that I will write about it after I return from class tonight.

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