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Monday, February 8, 2010

Diet: week 10

This week was good. I lost 4.6 pounds. I may be too narrowly focused, but that little slip of paper with the printout of my weight is my great incentive to plod ahead with this ridiculous diet. Now my total loss is a little more than 40 pounds.

The week I gained two pounds, therefore, threw me into such a tizzy that I was deeply disturbed. I realize that there are so many other factors that ought to modify my state of mind, but for now I want to stay focused on my loss of weight. Here I am with this program that all but guarantees that I will lose something every week, so that I want to be sure to make the most of it while it lasts. I know that when I finish and go back to real food, there will be another kind of battle to wage. Reading ahead in my material I see that when we come to transition (one meal of my preparing and three shakes) I must expect to stay even or gain a little as my body adjusts.

Okay, then what about after that? Well I have to eat a healthy diet for the remainder of my life. Now that's not a death sentence. I'm thinking that I do not want to eat lite this and low calorie that all the time. I would rather eat mayonnaise half as often (rather than eat lite mayo which has no flavor). Have you ever tasted low fat cheese? Gag! I would rather limit my toasted cheese sandwiches to one a month than have one a week with that disgusting paste. On the other hand non fat cottage cheese tastes just great. I need to learn so much.

I already know what I want early in my new eating career. I want to have a spinach salad with chopped apple, a little feta cheese, tomato and maybe a few raisins with my newly invented no calorie dressing. I discovered a dressing of one part rice vinegar and one part sugarless mango syrup that makes a real lip smacking dressing. I think I need to collect decent (i.e. tasty) recipes that are also healthy. If they do not taste good I don't want them. There must be a lot of ways to fix vegetables that taste better than just the unimaginative boil and serve method. Since I am omnivorous, I merely need to find the tasty recipes and leave the others to Weight Watchers or someone else.

Now we face the crises of my wife's impending surgeries and the chaos of moving. This is more than a little challenging for a guy who is on this industrial strength diet at the same time. God give me peace!


  1. Herbs and spices are the way to go. It's the way we deal with Matt's dietary restrictions and still keep the food palatable for the rest of the family. Try World Market--they have wonderful spice blends, Penzeys (mail order) carries a huge variety, and any of the "hip" grocery markets usually have interesting spices to try.

    For example, Za'atar seasoning can be sprinkled on tilapia and broiled. Serve that with Israeli salad--a "precise" combination of vegies that tastes amazing and is very, very low in calories.

  2. Just sprinkle lots of Chili power and/or curry on your food. That'll have lots of flavor.