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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diet: week 11

What? Only 2 1/2 pounds! I want more. When I launch out on an industrial strength diet, I want industrial strength results!

Okay, now for a little sanity on the subject. When, other than this diet, have I been able to lose 2 1/2 pounds in one week? I can't remember if it ever happened. So I should quit venting like a spoiled child and be content with my progress. Besides, I lost more than anyone else in my group, except for Richard. He lost 4 pounds, but his heart is under strain and consequently he is only supposed to lose 3 a week. He has the added frustration of medical problems that limit him in both directions. He must lose weight, but he must not lose it too rapidly. So shame on me for venting about my meager complaint.

We have had packing day (see blog post below), and now anticipate moving days this Friday and Saturday. In the midst of this stress and turmoil I am supposed to maintain my regimen. It's not that difficult, but it takes concentration. I'm sure we will live through it--and find it rather exciting! It would be ironic if the stress of dieting and moving brought on my fatal heart attack. Wouldn't that be funny? Okay, "funny" strange, not "funny" ha, ha.

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