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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Diet: week 12

Ugh! Only one and a half pounds this week. But at least I am still headed in the right direction. I have now lost 44.6 pounds in 12 weeks. I visualize a garbage bag full of 45 pounds of disgusting lard, and feel quite relieved to be rid of that stuff. The more I think of it, I am determining never to gain it back. I realize that this is the new--and greater--challenge that I face, but God is with me.

I realized last night at class, that I have a couple of choices. One choice is to continue another 8 additional weeks with the augmented diet. Another choice is to begin one meal a day in another five weeks. I can also choose to stay on the strict liquid diet for all 20 weeks. Since I have fallen so short of my original goal, and since my rate of loss has diminished so radically, I think I ought to do the full 20 weeks of liquid. Perhaps a little more exercise will increase the loss. But spare me the 8 bonus weeks! I am healthy enough. I will never have a body builder physique, so who am I kidding?

After losing all that lard I can still see my giant pillow just above my waistline. What's this all about? Did I lose it from everywhere except my gut? There is more than just a little frustration going on here. My friends (who haven't seen me for several weeks) never say a thing about how I look. They never know I lost a pound, let alone 44 of them. If they don't bring up the subject, I know I never will. If I tell them about my weight loss, then they are required by social protocol to say something nice. I do not want to solicit polite, obligatory compliments.

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