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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving Saga, the blessing

As we sit in our cluttered new surroundings and stare with stunned eyes into space, we are grateful for two wonderful blessings. First, God blessed us with a wonderful crew of two men with a truck that we hired from "Movers for less" who came last Friday. They were strong, efficient, careful and pleasant. We could not have asked for a better job. There is no fault or shortcoming I can think of in regard to their work. They looked as though they were working by the piece, when in fact they were on the clock. And when they thought they were finished, we asked them to exchange the position of two heavy pieces. They did it cheerfully and without additional charges. It was truly a providential blessing.

Secondly, our volunteer labor of friends from Faith Presbyterian and Branch of Hope churches were a testimony of love in action. We saw a demonstration of the old adage, "Many hands make light the work." I thought I was ahead of the crowd when I rented the Uhaul and headed for the house at 8 a.m., but when I arrived there were men swarming all over our property. They already had a pickup in the driveway and it was half full. It seems that every other guy had brought a pickup, and most of them had a hand truck or dolly to help. Men and boys milling back and forth with all our sacred treasures, and much of our junk. They were loading and driving off in short order, as was I with a loaded Uhaul 17 footer. They did all the work and left an empty house behind. My great puzzle is that if they did all the work, why am I so sore and worn out today?

What a blessing it is to have a loving church family! But we were blessed with two loving church families. We can never thank that crew enough, but we here and now publicly thank God for giving us these friends--no, brothers and sisters.

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