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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diet: week 18

When we are in transition (from pure liquid diet to some food) we are to expect the possibility of maintaining or even gaining weight. Last week we went to a restaurant and on Easter we had a great dinner at my granddaughter's house. Yesterday we grilled two fillet Mignon and had them with baked potatoes and broccoli. It was a delicious way to renew my steak career.

All this indulgence and I still lost a pound and a half. I have lost a total of 64 pounds now. I still have the goal of losing 20 more pounds, but I have to admit I am pleased with how this program has worked. There is a self-perpetuating momentum that sets in when you lose that much weight. I certainly do not want to gain it back. So I have new incentives to eat the way I knew I should have been eating all along. Oh, yes, they have taught me a few more things about eating healthy, and it is all helpful.

Also one of the suggestions for keeping active was working in the garden. But it has only been following my enormous weight loss that I have been able to do gardening. In fact I wanted to plant flowers and some veggies here at our new residence, and only after working most of the day in the yard did I realize that I haven't been able to do that for two years or more. So now I can keep active in the garden.

But when I rise from bed in the morning and look at the mirror doors of the closet, I see some fat guy looking back at me. I suppose that is another part of my motivation to continue good health habits.

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