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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress of home demolition

What have we done? Our beautiful portico and patio have been demolished with three weeks of jackhammering. Our neighbors must hate us already. Our anticipation is to double the floor space of our living room. But it takes a lot of pain and inconvenience to get there.

They have nailed shut our back door, so when we need to get into the garage, we have to go out the front door and walk around the house. There is still a huge dumpster in our driveway. They have hauled three of them away already. I was certain that they took out more cement and brick than ever was there in the first place. Last week Barbara got rather nervous about the news that she couldn't use the wash machine until they tore out the drain pipe and re-installed it in a new location. But that work was done in short order, so she is happy about that (even though it left a hole in our back wall!).

We are still rooting through boxes trying to find our treasures. We are discovering that we have a lot of stuff besides those "treasures" and they seem to compose the contents of most of our boxes. We bought an upgrade for our Bose wave radio and CD changer not long before the move. Since the move we have pointedly realized that this Bose has no control buttons on its chassis. Everything is operated by the remote, which, of course, we have yet to find. The fact is that radio came with two remotes, neither of which has turned up. We have so despaired of finding them soon that we called Bose and ordered a third remote. I'm sure the day the new one arrives we will uncover at least one of the old remotes. Isn't there a "Murphy's law" that covers that situation?

We must have nearly a hundred boxes under the gazebo that we cover with plastic to protect them from the rain in this extended Winter we are having this year. One pile of boxes fell over because the bottom box got soaked enough to collapse. We (I) keep joking about having a bonfire to rid ourselves of our abundance of possessions, but we hadn't thought of the flood possibility.

Well at least it looks as though they are now ready to pour concrete. Our contractor said it is supposed to come tomorrow.

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