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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fine Arts and Missions

As a fund raiser to subsidise several short term missionary experiences this Summer our church held a crafts boutique last Saturday. Several vendors were members of our church, but others were there too. Each table was reserved with a modest rental fee, and percentages of the sales were added to the funding of these missionary associates. One venue was a silent auction. An airplane tour of the L.A. harbor and coastline was one of the offerings. Another was a beautiful oil painting which was done by our dear friend, Susan Tierney. We prize Susan's art work highly, and since we have no examples of her talent, Barbara made a bid. This turned out to be the winning bid--in fact it was the only bid. It's not that the painting had no appeal to others, but I am sure (from some of the comments made) that at least a couple of Barbara's friends were overcome by her enthusiasm for the painting and refused to overbid her. Here is that picture.

One of the ladies who is planning to go to Prague to teach English this Summer, posted on Facebook, remarking on the irony of her situation. She remembers her family fleeing the Czech Republic ahead of Russian domination. She didn't know any English at that time. Now she is planning to go to the Czech Republic to teach English and one of the participants, helping her develop the funds to return, is a Russian woman. Times and cultures change, and it's all in our heavenly Father's hands.