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Monday, March 1, 2010

Diet: week 13

Tonight is the wrong time for me to write this blog post. I lost one lousy stinking pound! I am doomed!

If I can only lose one pound while I am eating only 800 calories a day, what hope is there for me when I am finished with this diet, and return to real food? I have been told that these calories are scientifically designed to give me all the nutrients in a day. But when eating my own meals will require more calories of food in order to ingest those same needed nutrients.

One dumb pound is not good enough. I lost 45 pounds. So what? It might take several weeks longer to gain it all back, but I don't see much hope for me. Oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for lunch and a spinach salad for dinner. Oh goodie! Maybe I can eat that for the rest of my life, but I know I won't do that.

I have been accused of being Puddleglum before, so here is my resolve: "Oh well, I think I will slog on to ignominous defeat because it is the right thing to do. No doubt my endeavour will fall far short of my goal, and there will be nothing but failure and depression at the end, but it is the noble thing to do." Is that worthy of Puddleglum? Or perhaps Eeyore?

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  1. One thing to bear in mind is that your metabolism has crashed because you're not eating much. At this point your basal metabolic rate can't be too much higher than maybe 900 Calories.