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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pray for Barbara

Not only does she have to contend with the likes of me, but she faces surgery tomorrow morning.

This benign tumor, which she affectionately calls her "golf ball", will be removed by laperoscopic surgery before it gets tangled in her spinal column. It is one of those voluntary surgeries that promises several weeks of pain to follow. The doctor made it sound rather routine. But the last time we visited him he dropped the comment that they will have to collapse her lung during surgery. He had said the surgery would only take an hour or a little longer. The anesthesiologist, however, said it would be more than two hours. What else are they not telling us? Those little things do not inspire confidence.

I plan to camp out next to her bed this time. The last surgery proved to be a rather disastrous experience because of poor nursing care. She will need me to smuggle in a Supreme Croissant from Jack in the Box, and otherwise plump her pillow and tell her that I love her. Maybe I can find that waterless shampoo again.

Her nursing care last time did none of these things for her. So please pray for her. Pray the doctor gets a good night' sleep tonight. Pray that recuperation is swifter and less painful than projected. Pray that her husband doesn't make things worse with stupid things to say and do. (See the former blog post for example.)

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