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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diet: week 17

I lost another 3 1/2. That makes it 62 so far. I was especially pleased because that was my first week in transition. I guess I have learned something about eating properly. To tell the truth, I am deathly afraid to eat much of anything except vegetables and Lean Cuisine. I am enjoying the multiple choices of 300 calories or less frozen dinners of several brands. If they are not completely satisfying, I simply supplement with a salad with almost no calories to speak of.

I believe that my newly resumed enjoyment of yardwork nd tooling in the garden is most significant inmy continued weight loss. Although you might read on some chart that an hour of vigorous exercise does not really burn that many calories, what I didn't realize is that the activity sets your body's mode of metabolism. When the body is shifted out of conservation mode into activity mode it's like downshifting to first gear. Your car eats up alot more gas in first gear. Sorry, I guess I'm still thinking of the old days when we drove a car with hand-shifted gears--"four-on-the-floor" we called it.

We just had class numnber 18 on Monday (but the weigh-in only records 17 actual weeks of dieting, hence the title of this post), and that means we only have 2 more classes and then graduation. As we take turns suggesting favorite restaurants to hold a group celebration, our leader tears her hair. "Haven't you learned anything yet?" But it is a loose, jovial class and she knows it.

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