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Monday, March 8, 2010

Diet: Week 14

I must be very emotionally shallow. I lost 4 1/2 pounds this week, and I am elated. In the big picture of things, this is a poor reason for my emotions to swing back and forth. When I lose only one pound, I sulk and vent. Perhaps it's just the vulnerable condition that this diet has created. I need to blame someone or something besides myself. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that I lost nearly 5 pounds (which was my weekly goal at one time).

So in 14 weeks of dieting I have lost a total of exactly 50 pounds. I actually hoped to lose a total of 80 pounds, and now that is quite unlikely. There was never a time in my life that I have lost anything even close to that much weight on any other diet or program. So however I may grouse about the paucity of pounds lost, I need not complain.

We are now being prepared for transition. At week 17 we are encouraged to begin to take food--the right kind, of course. After the ordeal--and expense--of this diet, I am not about to blow it at transition, or afterward. I need to learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I intend to lose more weight even after the program finishes. I am lusting for a spinach salad even as I write. The problem is that I am lusting for baby back ribs also.

One thing I must say at this point: I am sick and tired of this diet. We have been offered the opportunity to prolong this liquid diet another 8 weeks. Aaaahhh! I really do not want to do that. It's like being hung by my thumbs and then offered to either cut me down or let me hang for 8 more weeks. Okay, so I am being a tad dramatic, but you get my point.

So here goes another week.

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